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  1. Stephanie Springer
    Environmental Specialist

    Phone (617) 730-2076
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What is Environmental Education?
Environmental Education is primarily the process of creating awareness and understanding of the natural world in people and teaching them to think critically on its behalf. Environmental Education (EE) instructs both children and adults on how to investigate and appreciate their environment through observation, experiment, and conservation. Instead of promoting or stressing acertain viewpoint about the environment, EE aims to expose people to the true state of their natural world and empower them to form their own conclusions about how to improve it and make it sustainable. EE can exist in several forms, whether it is in a formal classroom setting, at a science museum, zoo or aquarium, or out in the field with a naturalist. EE in Brookline primarily functions through the variety of outdoor programs offered by our full time naturalist and environmental educator.

Why is Environmental Education Important?
Extensive research has been conducted showing that kids who are active in nature are generally healthier than those who aren’t. According to the National Environmental Education Foundation, exposure to nature can reduce stress levels by as much as 28% in children. Even a 20 minute walk in nature can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) concentrate better. Children have lost close to 50% of unstructured outdoor activity over recent decades and now spend an average of seven hours a day with various electronic media. Environmental Education provides an opportunity for children and adults to get outside, be active, and learn about their environment in a hands-on and applicable manner. If people have a personal connection with the natural spaces in their town they will be more likely to understand their importance and defend them in the future. Environmental education also promotes an awareness and sensitivity to the environment, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and a sense of responsibility for the natural world.
Environmental Education Center
All nature camps and nature programs are based at the Brookline Environmental Education Center (BEEC) located within the Soule Park at 654 Hammond St in Chestnut Hill. The BEEC features a comfortable, interactive learning space for up to 16 children, outdoor bird feeders, and a garden which participants take part in caring for.

Private Program Offerings
Our environmental educator is available for private bookings for scout groups, birthday parties, school groups and more! Programs can
be tailored to fit each group’s need.