Concussion Information

The Town of Brookline strongly believes in the power of educating the community about the dangers of youth concussion whether it is at home, on the playing field or on the playground. Understanding and appreciating “when in doubt, sit them out” as a tag line for all activities is incredibly important in limiting the number of multiple concussions that a child may receive as a result of returning to play or school before completely recovering from a first concussion. For that reason, Brookline Recreation has initiated a policy that uses “the power of the permit” to ensure that all adults in a position of authority on a sideline have completed updated information and training about concussions. All organizations or individuals seeking facility permits in Brookline must provide validation that they have completed the online CDC concussion training (or equal) prior to being issued a permit. For more information, contact Recreation at 617-730-2069.  

Brookline Recreation Department will be providing free baseline concussions screenings to Brookline athletes ages 11-14 years old. The goal is to spread awareness to the Brookline community about the dangers and preventions of concussions in youth athletes. To schedule a baseline screening, contact (617)730-2069.