Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are taught by certified and/or experienced instructors. Private lessons may be offered during open swim, lap swim, or run concurrently with our group lesson sessions. Private swim lessons allow the instructor to focus solely on the needs of the student.

Those interested in private lessons must complete and submit a Private Lesson Intake form to be added to our waitlist. Forms may be submitted to Amanda Wong at Intake forms will be processed by program session in the order intake forms are received. Once a program session is booked, we will continue to accept intake forms and add to the waitlist for the NEXT program session. We only allow ONE intake form per person on file at a time. A new intake form may be submitted to be added back to the waitlist after your series of lessons has been scheduled.

When your intake form is being processed for scheduling, we will reach out via email. Due to the demand of private lessons, we ask that you respond in a timely manner. If we do not hear back from you in a timely manner, we will move on to the next client and remove you from the waitlist. You will need to complete and submit a new intake form to be added back to the waitlist.

Private Lesson Policy Information

Private Lesson Intake Form

2023 Fall Private Lesson Waiver

2023 Winter Private Lesson Waiver

Private Lessons are not open-ended. Each private lesson is 30 minutes in length. Brookline Residents may book 1-6 private lessons, if our schedule allows. Non-residents may book 1-3 private lessons, if our schedule allows.

Please see our Private Lesson Policy Information for more details for cancellations, make-ups and reschedules.

Semi-private & Trio-lesson participants MUST be at similar ages and the same swim levels. Our instructors reserve the right to request that semi or trio lessons be separated should the students swim abilities not be the same.

**The current Fall Session is fully booked. We are accepting intake forms for Winter Private lessons. We will begin to schedule Winter Private Lessons around mid-late November AFTER we finalize our program and staffing schedules. Intake forms will be processed in the order that we have received them.

Private Lesson Fees

Type of Lesson
Number of Participants
Resident Fee
Non-Resident Fee
Private 1 Participant $50/half hour $75/half hour
Semi-Private 2 Participants $65/half hour $100/half hour
Trio-Lesson 3 Participants $80/half hour $125/half hour