What was the public community process?
The Fisher Hill Reservoir Design Review Committee and the Park and Recreation Commission held numerous public meetings from 2011 to 2013 to finalize and approve the conceptual design and final plans and associated budget for the park. See the Fisher Hill Reservoir Park resources for meeting minutes and presentations. Several other boards and commissions met in 2013 to approve funding or specific components of the plans.

Prior to this, there was a Board of Selectmen-appointed Fisher Hill Master Plan Committee, which met in 2001-2003 and recommended a potential use for this site as a scenic amenity and public park, and a subsequent Selectmen’s committee, which met in 2003-2004 and developed the initial conceptual park design and associated budget. Following this, the town moved forward with acquiring the site from the state and developing the Fisher Hill Reservoir Park.

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1. What was the public community process?
2. When will construction begin at the park, and what is happening on site now?