What is a typical day like?
Children arrive daily between 8 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. This is an informal work time while we wait for all the children to arrive. By 9 a.m. the classrooms begin their morning meetings. This is an important time for children and teachers to talk and set the framework for the day. All the classrooms have a work period, snack, and a second circle. The children go outside for at least 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoons. In warmer weather many of the classroom activities are moved outside.

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1. How do I set up a tour?
2. What happens between the time of enrollment and the time we start the program?
3. My child has never been in a formal program before and I am not sure that 2 days is enough of a transition, what can we do?
4. What if my child’s nap schedule is different from the schools? What will happen when he does not need a nap mid day?
5. What is a typical day like?
6. What kind of extracurricular activities does the center offer?
7. Is there an additional cost for these activities?
8. How are communications handled at school, and what if I have a concern?
9. What is the curriculum?
10. Will my child be ready for kindergarten in a more traditional environment?
11. How will I know what is happening in my child’s classroom and the school?
12. Can I check in with my teacher during the day?
13. I know that I need to bring snack for the class once a month, how will I know what to bring?
14. My child is used to a hot lunch each day; will you heat up the lunch?
15. How can I get involved in the school?
16. I know that the center is only for Brookline residents, what happens if we move to another community?