Will my child be ready for kindergarten in a more traditional environment?
Children learn in many different ways and are at different levels when they enter our program and leave for kindergarten. Our learning environment exposes children to the skills they will need for the entrance into traditional schooling. The Soule Early Childhood Center works closely with the Brookline Public Schools, the BEEP program, and the special needs staff to ensure that families have access to everything their child will need.

Our classrooms provide opportunities for language and literacy development, pre-math and science skills, the creative arts such as music, dance, and studio art.

The school provides several parent education evenings so families can see how learning unfolds in the classrooms.

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1. How do I set up a tour?
2. What happens between the time of enrollment and the time we start the program?
3. My child has never been in a formal program before and I am not sure that 2 days is enough of a transition, what can we do?
4. What if my child’s nap schedule is different from the schools? What will happen when he does not need a nap mid day?
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10. Will my child be ready for kindergarten in a more traditional environment?
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16. I know that the center is only for Brookline residents, what happens if we move to another community?